Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Lovely Orangerie

Another humid day in Paris. Today was literally unbearable, both Maria and I were swollen and miserable... the humidity was so intense. Even all the parisians seemed a little more on edge than usual, but hey, one hundred percent humidity will do that to ya! In order to escape the pea soup like atmosphere, Maria and I headed to the Orangerie museum. Set in the Tulleries garden (right across from la place de la concorde) this small museum is a true hidden treasure. It is affiliated with the Musee d'Orsay, but is much less well known meaning fewer people, shorter lines, and an overall very enjoyable visit!  

The Orangerie is most famous for their gorgeous collection of Monet's waterlilies. Two large, circular rooms house eight stunning works. There are four in each room, and let me tell you, these paintings are huge! They take up almost the entire wall, making for a simply stunning exhibit. The paintings were extraordinary! I have seen other Monet paintings before but nothing this large and the size was really what made them special. Here is a peek at the waterlilies:

The colors were so amazing! We then went to the other wing where there were some great paintings by Picasso and a cool exhibit featuring the works of Paul Guillaume. He is most famous for his distorted portraits where the models seemed to be swirled and twisted. His works were interesting but still beautiful. My absolute favorite was his series of flowers called Les Glaieuls rouges. They were so gorgeous and the color was so vivid (the painting can be seen below!)

It was another great afternoon. Hope everyone has a fab Thursday! 



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