Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Afternoon with the Impressionists

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about living in Paris is living so close to some of the most incredible museums in the world. I mean who gets to go to the Louvre once a week for class... I am so incredibly blessed. My absolute favorite museum in Paris though is the Musee d'Orsay. Set in an old train station, the facade itself is breathe taking. The d'Orsay is most famous for their impression collection, but the museum also has large collections of Van Gogh, photography, sculptures, and many other beautiful works. 

Yesterday, I decided to spend my free day (I only have class at 4) exploring the d'Orsay. I was extremely excited to check out the newest exhibit, fashion and impressionism. The exhibit was unreal... there were many famous impressionist paintings that I have only dreamed of ever seeing in person! Most of the paintings featured men and women dressed very well and beside many of the paintings were the actual articles of clothing worn in the painting! It was so fascinating to see the real dress that the women in the painting was wearing. There was also a lot of history about french fashion during the 19th century and I must say I learned a lot! Unfortunately there was heavy security in this exhibit so I was unable to get any pictures (there was no way I was risking getting kicked out... the exhibit was too divine!) If you are visiting Paris anytime, I highly suggest this exhibit, it is so lovely. 

After I finished the fashion and impressionism exhibit, I went upstairs to look at the permanent impressionist exhibit. Even though I have previously visited Paris and even the Musee d'Orsay, I had never been to this wing of the museum. It was literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, I almost have cried. All of my favorite paintings were there, even a lesser known Degas painting that I once drew for a class! Degas, Manet, Monet, and many others lined the walls... absolute heaven. I spent nearly an hour in the wing, and if I didn't have class, I would have stayed all day. Thankfully since it was a Tuesday and not too crowded, I was able to get right in front of the paintings and was even able to sneak some pictures on my i-phone (no flash of course, I would never want to damage the paintings!) Here are some of my personal favorites from the exhibit:

Some great ocean scenes by Monet. 

Le Citron, my favorite Manet painting. I do not know why I love it so much, but there is something just so sweet and pure about it. 

This has to be one of my top 5 favorite Degas paintings. Degas is my favorite painter and his ballerina paintings are stunning. I love the use of color with the bows on the dancer's dresses

Another favorite piece of mine also by Degas. I love the horses. This is the one I once copied for my french class in middle school.. I have been a Degas fan for a LONG time!

A beautiful boat scene by Monet

Before I headed off to class I had a few minutes to peek into the Van Gogh section. I was so excited to see his infamous self portrait hanging on the wall.. I just love it! 

Tomorrow, Maria will be joining me as we go to the Orangerie. It is a very small museum located in the Tulleries garden on the oposite side of the Louvre. It is home to many of Monet's water lilies and is supposed to be stunning. I am so excited! I have decided that every Tuesday I am going to go to a different museum before class so that I do not miss out on any of them. There is a new Edward Hopper exhibition at the Palais Royale that I am dying to see next week! Cannot wait!



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