Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How the French Stay Fit

I feel as if I have stumbled upon a huge secret. Everyone always talks about how on earth the French are capable of being so thin and fabulous despite eating a diet full of wine, chocolat, bread, and rich sauces. Sure, they only eat three times a day and walk everywhere but come on, if I consumed a baguette a day I would be the width of the eiffel tower! So how do they do it...

Anyone who knows me know that I absolutely love, love, love to run. It is my favorite form of exercise and something that I try to do almost day (it keeps me mentally and physically fit)! Although I have been eating very well here (no crepes or pastries yet!) and walking sooo much, I knew I needed to work running into my daily schedule so that I would continue to stay fit and happy! I discussed the issue with my RA who informed me that there was a running park about a mile down the street! With classes finally started and a normal daily routine set into motion, I was ready to make my way down to the running park! I laced up my shoes, grabbed my i-pod and headed to the park! I expected a few other runners and maybe a walker or two since it is a stereotype that the French do not exercise, but what I discovered in that park shocked me...

There were TONS of runners. Literally so many fit Frenchies running along. I was heaven! Not only is running totally acceptable in Paris, but it seems to be a hobby for so many! I saw people of all ages and sizes running, but what surprised me the most was how fast everyone was going. These people were serious runners, keeping a pace of if I had to guess 7 minute miles (super fast for all you non runners). The park its self was absolutely stunning as well. There is a huge hill at one point (my butt is going to be amazing at the end of the semester), a stunning pond with swans and birds, sculptures, stair cases, many different routes, and lots and lots of people. There is so much beautiful green space as well! I am in love! Oh, and to make things even more sweeter, all the French men run in tight spandex running outfits, showing off their PERFECT bodies. I worked up quite the sweat and was drooling haha. Nothing like gorgeous French men to make you run faster! 

I've been running in the park twice now and am so so happy I have made the discovery. I've been going around three miles (which fly by since the scenery and people watching is so fantastic). I've also enlisted my friend to run with me several times a week. It has become one of the highlights of my day and something to look forward to after a long day of class. 

So back to the secret I have discovered! What I have learned is that French love to run and that it must be what helps them stay so fit! They run so fast it is crazy! Combined with the walking and diet, running has to be the secret ingredient that keeps the French so fierce. 


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PS: I promise to take pictures of the park on my i-touch in the near future! My i-touch has been acting funny so I've been running with my shuffle which means no camera :(   I need music or another person when I run or it is just miserable! 

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  1. French people are indeed admired for their self-discipline especially when it comes to keeping their bodies fit. Thank you for inspiring your readers to run and be just like them, healthy and awesome! :)