Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Color Coded

So sorry about the lack of posts lately! I wrote one about our trip to Madrid but it seems that it did not post nor did it save! Never fear though, we're back from our weekend in Madrid (more to come on that later) and ready to share more about our lives in Paris. So now on to my next topic, COLOR!

Although the air is beginning to get crisp and fall is most definitely around the corner, the streets of Paris are still filled with bright colors! Colored pants, shirts, shoes, accessories, we have seen it all. Following the trend, Maria and I threw on our own pairs of bright colored pants. 

Meg wearing her kelly green pants. They're a great transition color from summer to fall. 

Maria in her coral colored jeans. Another great transition color from summer into fall! 

Two very different colors, yet one very fun trend! 

Bright pants are a great trend for fall and we had a fun time wearing them! We even noticed the next day in class that several of our classmates we were bright pants as well. Trend setters we are ;] While wearing our bright pants, we also came across a random fashion show in the street! 

The music was so amazing and the company truly managed to literally create a party on the street. 

Galleries Lafayette was having an amazing outdoor fashion show. It was so neat to see all of the models and clothes up close. Fashion week starts today in Paris so we are going to be doing a lot of people watching the next week! Cannot wait to see some celebs and models and hopefully a lot of fabulous outfits that can serve as some style inspiration!



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