Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ENCORE stripes, stripes, stripes

Feeling truly french today, Maria and I decided to rock one of our all time favorite prints, stripes! Nothing says Paris more than a classic striped top! It is truly one of the most classic looks and always looks put together and stylish. Stripes are the perfect canvas for accessories as well. Whether you add a statement necklace, a colorful scarf, or an intriguing pair of earrings, stripes provide the perfect base! Although Maria and I both wore stripes, we styled them very differently, proving just how versatile this timeless print really is!

Maria opted to wear a light grey and white striped top. The shirt is made of sweatshirt material, making it super comfy and cozy in the crisp fall weather! Maria perfectly accessorized her top with a simple red scarf that truly added a pop of color! Her deep red longchamp bag looks great too!

Meg wore a simple navy and white striped top. Accessorized with a funky blue necklace, this top looks polished and put together. A simple black jacket was also worn for warmth and a little extra style! 

The same pattern, yet two very different looks! 

Our outfits may be different but there was one thing in common, our shoes!! We both wore brown shoes to ground our outfits! Maria's darling flats feature a small bow and some gold hardware. Meg is wearing oxford booties. With their small heel, they are amazing shoes that can be worn durning the day and at night! 

Needless to say, stripes are the greatest. They are so simple, flattering (when worn correctly!), and chic! One cannot go wrong when wearing stripes and with so many color options, they are a closet staple for every fashionista. How do you wear your stripes?



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