Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fashion on the Brain

Today was the first day of, after about ten minutes, what became Maria and me's favorite class. Luxury Brand Management. Just the name of the class makes me excited to learn! Throughout the semester, we are going to learn all about the management and marketing of luxury items from Chanel to YSL to Rolls Royce to Rolex. It should prove to be a fascinating class! We discussed a lot about fashion so naturally, I now have clothes and design on the mind. Chanel in particular is filling my dreams since we spoke about them so much in class! We were to tired to go window shopping at Chanel after class so googling had to suffice. Here's some great Chanel eye candy and some fun Chanel quotes I discovered along the way:

If only these hung in my closet... 


So simple yet elegant 

Love the mix of masculine and feminine

So stunning

Love the colors 

I have definitely come to live by this living in Paris. Everyday is truly a fashion show and it is so much fun to dress up everyday! Love never dressing down and always putting my best face forward!

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway"


M & M

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