Monday, November 12, 2012

Tell Me About It, Stud

It seems that studs have taken over Paris. They can literally be found on everything: shoes, bags, dresses, scarves (yes even scarves), and shirts! Often times the studs are soft and not too extreme, but I have literally seen people wearing full on spikes. I mean come on! If you fall you could really hurt someone! I adore the stud look, the softer stuff for sure, and recently embraced the trend by buying a studded pair of Zara boots (see below!). 

I am obsessed with my boots, they are very versatile and are perfect for day and for night. Here are some other studded looks that we are loving:

I feel that this trend has some really staying power and that we will see it carrying through winter! So whether you like them soft or sharp, keep rocking those studs! 



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