Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Afternoon Tea

Mariage Frere is a great place for some afternoon tea! M & I love going there just to talk and relax. There is a store to purchase different delicious imported teas as well as a restaurant to sit down and sip some. The tea and the atmosphere are instantly soothing and the stress of the day is washed away. Here are some pictures of one of our tea dates. M also got a great tart with creme brulee on the top and strawberries and creme on the bottom. It was so tasty!

There are numerous locations but we personally like the one in the Marais. It has a great 17th century feel and the waiters are awesome and very knowledgeable in teas and the pastries there. If you have time try to stop by for a calm but chatty afternoon! 


M & M

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