Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Favorite... Spot for Americanized Food

There is truly no shortage of beyond fabulous food in Paris. The selection if truly limitless, you can eat divine Italian, Japanese, Greek, and even Mexican! Sometimes you have to look and do a little research to find a truly amazing non french restaurant, but trust us they exist and they are delish! Today we would like to share our favorite Americanized restaurant! And while this restaurant cannot be labeled as serving only "American" food, it features a menu most similar to the ones one would find in the states! 

The Lizard Lounge 

The Lizard Lounge is a true gem (especially for us english speakers since english is the first language of many of the staff members!). This restaurant and bar is located in the Marais, about a five minute walk from the Hotel de Ville metro stop. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed and great for lunch with friends or even dinner! There are not many tables though so sometimes it is difficult to get a table during peek hours! There is even a cool upstairs area that overlooks the rest of the restaurant. You can even see the chefs preparing your food so you know that everything is fresh and fab. Downstairs beneath the restaurant is an underground bar/club area as well! We have never been to the Lizard Lounge during the late night hours, but we have heard good things! 

And without further ado, the menu! The one thing that I really missed in terms of food in Paris was big salads filled with chicken, lots of veggies, and other goodies. It was nearly impossible to find a big salad in Paris that satisfied my craving until I went to the Lizard Lounge. They have the best selection of salads I found in Paris in addition to the most outstanding (and best priced!) hot goat cheese salad we had (and we had a lot of goat cheese salads!). The burger selection was unreal as well. Guacamole burgers were a favorite of many of our friends in addition to burgers with bbq sauce, blue cheese, really anything you could want! All burgers, tartines (which were amazing!!), and other sandwiches were served with roasted potatoes that we died over. I am getting so hungry! And one more thing, the nachos... SO GOOD. M&I love nachos (and mexican food in general) and these were the best nachos we found. Topped with lots of guac, salsa, and yummy chips! They were a real treat! Oh Lizard Lounge, you truly are so so so so good!

M&I took all of our friends visiting from other European cities to Lizard Lounge and they loved it just as much as we did! The menu offered more American items that you typically did not see on menus in Paris in addition to some French favs like tartines and cheve chaud. Did I mention they have real brunch too! I'm talking pancakes and eggs people! Not something you see often in Paris. So promise me you will go to Lizard Loung, you will not be disappointed!



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