Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Favorite... Indulgences

While living in Paris, M & I were very conscious about what we ate. We had heard horror stories of people going abroad and gaining lots of weight because quite frankly, they were eating everything in sight! M & I refused to blow up but we were not going to refuse ourselves delicious foods and french delicacies. So in order to maintain our figures while still enjoying everything we wanted we simply practiced moderation and only indulged in things that were really worth it! So what do we eat that was totally worth every calorie? Here's our picks for our favorite treats and things we ate without an ounce of guilt. (and let it be known that I actually lost weight while being abroad and still ate lots of great food! moderation people!)


Laudree macaroons are truly unmatched. They are so delicious and magnificent, I am literally drooling as I am writing this post! I am crazy about the hazelnut and framboise flavor in particular although you really cannot go wrong with whatever you choose! An insider tip is that while the stores near the Madeline, in St. Germain, and on the Champs Elysees are beautiful, their lines are always tragically long. If you want to get your macaroons quickly, try the small store inside the Louvre, the line is always short and the flavor is just as delish!

G Chocolate

There are chocolate shops all over Paris, but G was truly the favorite of M & I. We loved to pop in there, fill up a little bag with some of our favorites chocolates, and then go about our day. The chocolate is divine and the price is not too absurd! The macaroons are also great here! Furthermore, the windows also feature amazing chocolate sculptures that are just too cute! 


The famous Angelina truly lives up to its reputation. The hot chocolate is life changing and the pastries are to die for! Make sure you make a reservation for a line usually wraps around the block! It also a little pricy, but so worth it. M&I loved to spend the afternoon here with friends, and we were full for days!

Amorino Gelato 

During the warm days of fall, M & I loved nothing more then to get a fantastic gelato from Amorino and sit behind Centre Pompidou. Absolutely every flavor is great and the price is perfect for anyone! There is nothing better to cool you off on a warm day then a big cone filled with an amorino flower!

Oh how I miss all the wonderful foods of Paris. 



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